Hellsing Ultimate 09 — I’ll Kill You Until You Finally Die

Man, I love this show. I don’t think many people are watching it, mainly since one episode is released every six months or something, but you really should give it a shot if you aren’t already. Assuming you don’t mind absurd amounts of gore and violence.


Father Anderson, you will be missed. It’s a universal rule of anime that priests are evil. But in Hellsing that doesn’t matter, because everyone in Hellsing is evil. Father Anderson was the biggest badass in the entire show. Even at the end, he finished his prayers with only half of his head remaining. Amen.

Alucard has the right of it. He should have stayed a human.


How can a show that has London destroyed by undead Nazis riding Zeppelins not be amazing?

For those who aren’t familiar with him, Alfred Rosenberg was one of the main architects behind much of Nazism. He also hated Christianity, so I guess he wouldn’t have minded fighting against the Church.

The other Zeppelin is the Deus ex Machina.

The Best Part

Well, I guess we have to face the mid-boss before the head honcho…

AHAHAHAHA she didn’t even slow down! Integra may out-badass Alucard… (but not Father Anderson, amen).

6 thoughts on “Hellsing Ultimate 09 — I’ll Kill You Until You Finally Die

  1. I like hellsing in general but I hated this episodes melodrama ….. alucards backstory seemed rushed and didn’t make sense plus the sight of such a badass vampire weeping was dissapointing. Also I watch hellsing because I love alucard pwning everyone but the only reason he’s still alive is because Walter aged backwards ( wtf was that by the way ) . Terrible episode after the brilliant episode 8.

    1. I didn’t think it was that bad, although the backstory is definitely not the reason I’m watching Hellsing. I kind of thought seeing Alucard weeping increased how badass he was, just because we see he still retains human emotions despite all the terrible butchery he does.

  2. @Gunslinger seems you need to pay more attention… everything made sense here. OVA 9 is trying to close hellsing, cuz OVA 10 will be the last. the back story is ok. alucard is based on dracula, which is slightly based on a real guy called vlad iii dracula (AKA vlad the impaler). alucard’s past is a reference to vlad, the wars vlad fought and the trials he suffered. notice how alucard loves to impale his victims, this is also a reference to the impaler. alucard weeping shows that even a “monster” like him has a heart deep down. he’s not a mindless broken killer, and we can actually empathize with him. walter turned younger cuz the vampire surgery for him was rushed. the doctor only had less than half a day to convert him from a 69 years old butler to a young vampire. so he rushed the surgery and walter’s transformation became temporary. all this is stated, you just need to read the subs properly. episode 8 was awesome, but the animation kinda pulled it down a bit. episode 9’s animation went back on track, but still need some work to rival madhouse production’s animations.

    1. I didn’t know it was based on Vlad the impaler. Very interesting, now all the backstory with Alucard fighting in battles makes a bit more sense.

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