Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Review — A-


The successive heirs of the Joestar family fight against the power of the stone mask in a series of bizarre adventures.

This show is great. This is how you make fighting actually interesting. Don’t just have lots of beam-spamming or power ups as in recent Gundams. Don’t have people getting saved by the power of friendship and all that crap. Jojo makes fights interesting because there’s both an element of intrigue and bizarreness to them.The show first takes your interest by making the setup so weird its something you’ve never seen before. It then retains that interest by pulling ridiculous scheme after ridiculous scheme to keep the fight exciting and fresh. Every other anime that focuses on fighting would be well served to learn from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


I also have to say that I love the style the show employs. It’s like they took it straight out of the pages of the manga and put it in animated form. They even retain the stylistic features unique to manga such as written onomatopoeia. Normally pausing to explain things in the middle of a fight looks really dumb, but this “manga style” actually makes these explanations sound cool. It also helps that the narrator is super pumped-up about everything and delivers half his lines by screaming. So awesome. The art has a very distinctive feel to it as well.

Go watch it if you haven’t already.

  • Storytelling – A – This is how you make fighting interesting.
  • Voice – A+ – Great distinctive manga style.
  • Characters – A – Second Jojo and Speedwagon are the best. Everyone is cool though, you come to like even the villains. Also this is probably the only series where you will be jumping up and down cheering for the Nazis.
  • Attention Grab – A – Never disappointed, even for the lengthy battles.
  • Production – A – Looks great, with very enthusiastic voice actors.
  • Overall – A-

Recommendations – Tengen Toppa Gurrren Lagann, Needless

11 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Review — A-

  1. It’s interesting to hear you say how other series could learn from Jojo, considering how many actually have gotten ideas from it. Next season we’ll get to see where the idea for Personas came from, for instance. I just don’t think they learned all the lessons they should have, which is a real shame because of how much there really is to this series.

    1. The idea for Persona? Really? I find that kind of hard to believe seeing how the original Megaten game was released in 1987, before this part of Jojo’s bizarre adventure, and Persona is basically Megaten plus a dating sim. Unless Jojo’s invented dating sims which would be hilariously awesome.

      1. Part 3 of JJBA introduces powers called “stands,” which are spirits with supernatural that generally assume a humanoid form and reflect qualities of their user. Sound familiar? Also, the first time you see Jotaro’s (the Jojo of part 3) stand appear is when he takes a gun and shoots himself in the head. And may I add that, JJBA part 4 takes place in a small town and is about group of high school students who gain stands and investigate a serial killer. Persona (paticularly 3 and 4) make a lot of homages to JJBA.

  2. Yes JOJO got an A! Congratulations!

    I originally wrote this series off and passed on it, but I was thankful that I got roped into the insanity with friends and I think the added experience of having others around made it so addictive and it left me wanting more, which I hope happens soon…yes…soon!

    Sugita Tomokazu as the 2nd JOJO was fan freaking-tastic! I love his voice xD

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