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Whoa, that was cool. Such a strong style. Reminds me of Gainax’s stuff and Needless. Bizarre (superpowers stemming from school uniforms? really?), with tons of violence and perversion (but not stupid perversion like Infinite Stratos, enjoyable perversion like Needless).


Really looking forward to this. My only slight concern is that the plot may not be up to snuff, and that the majority of the show could consist of battling throwaway sidekick after sidekick. They do seem to have a story of revenge for the father’s murder planned, so they ought to have no problem avoiding this pitfall.


8 thoughts on “Kill la Kill — First Impressions

  1. I guess “reminds me of Gainax stuff” is almost superfluous at this point, given that this is the same team who gave us Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and this show seems the perfect fusion of the two (over the top fighting with pieces of clothing used as weapons).

    ’nuff said. I really liked this premiere. I have the same concern as you with the plot, as the main is already clearly at least at 3 star level, so there obviously must be more to the story than just climbing the ladder. I’ll believe in the Trigger who believes in me, or something, for now.

    1. Oh, didn’t realize it was by the same team. Should probably follow that kind of stuff more…

      We probably don’t have too much to worry about. Remember in TTGL how it started off with them fighting up the ranks? And then they completely ditched most of the story before that for the second half.

  2. If you look at the hierarchy, there’s only four minions (two stars) left standing between the elite four. Since this is a two-cour series, there’s obviously some big twists coming. Kazuki Nakashima did this same thing with Gurren Lagann, so I trust him.

    1. Excellent, good point. There have got to be some twists. Maybe she’ll end up teaming up with the student council or something.

  3. This show’s first episode was, for me, a complete intro to the main points of this world. We have the villians, heroes, and sidekicks. I’m a fan of Imaishi, and what he did with TTGL, which is what this show reminds me of the most. I want to believe that they can capture some of that magic again, and bring it to this series. It’s over the top, it’s flamboyantly animated, and it has the wild one-on-one battles. I’m hoping that Trigger can keep it up, and deliver not only something that’s flashy, but memorable.

    1. Exactly. I actually wasn’t a big fan of TTGL, but already like this one a lot more. I think this is gearing up to be even more flamboyant than TTGL.

  4. I share your concern about the plot. I’m not sure if it won’t be too crazy and over-the-top for me. Pansto e.g. was just not my cup of tea. Also, the heroine seems somewhat overpowered. So I’m a bit disappointed.
    The visuals are great, though. In particular, I loved those fat red character appearing here and there, e.g. in the ED.

    1. On the third episode now, and so far the plot has been great. Still looks like we may be in for a series of lengthy battles though. The heroine is overpowered by the villain is even more overpowered so it’s okay. 🙂

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