Nagi no Asukara — First Impressions


Well, after Uchouten Kazoku, PA Works appears to be back to their usual shtick: cute girls at school with lots of drama. The question is, will Nagi no Asukara be another True Tears or another Hanasaku Iroha? Because if it’s another True Tears I can’t wait.

I’d like to think it is.  There’s a big focus on the drama, and multiple love triangles have already been presented. Hanasaku Iroha and Tari Tari also began with some excellent drama. Fool me once, shame on— shame on you. Fool me— you can’t get fooled again.

But let’s be optimistic, assume this is more along the lines of True Tears, and let ourselves get fooled again. If so, I’m a bit concerned because the main female character appears to be nothing more than a walking sack of moe. Now Noe was also extremely moe, but she was also nuts (best girl by the way). What else does this girl have to her besides being cute?

The rest of the characters, on the other hand, do seem interesting, particularly the main two boys. The conflict between the sea and land people provide extra challenges for the budding romance, which will pay off well.


The portrayal of underwater life leaves much to be desired: it’s basically identical to living on the land. You’d think they could have been more creative. I mean, why is everyone walking underwater?

The show does look darn pretty, as we’ve come to expect from PA Works.


10 thoughts on “Nagi no Asukara — First Impressions

  1. I was really taken by the setting, I loved the whole underwater thing. Lots of opportunities for PA Works background porn. Couldn’t really stand the main character though, hope he grows up a little. And the drama looks like it’s going in the direction of Ano Natsu De Matteru?

    1. Underwater thing should give some great opportunities for background porn. Already has, actually. It’s weird how they walk around as if they’re on the surface underwater though.

      The main character is a bit of a douchebag, but I like that. It’s much better to have a character with strong flaws than a character that is seemingly perfect and completely forgettable.

      Yeah, I’m hoping we can expect a bunch of love triangles. Hopefully a bit better done like in True Tears though. 🙂

      1. Yeah I guess this means there’s room for lots of development. Hope they don’t have THIS much drama in every episode though, I don’t think I can take 2 cours of extreme teen feels. I did really like the show’s sense of humor though. A farting fish and a girl in a net. I could do with more of that.

        1. Farting fish in the knee is genius. I personally have had a distinct lack of teen feels lately, so I’m feeling in the mood for some.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if it were like HanaIro, either!
    Anyways, I hope for some good drama, as well! You are right, the underwater setting is not as inventive as it could be. The Cycladic Islands scenery looks awesome but one gets used to it after a while. So I hope the show will develop enough emotional impact, as it seems there will be 26 episodes!

      1. Mykonos: . The windmills are a bit smaller than in the anime and there is no mountain behind the town.

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