Kokoro Connect 11 — Cuteness Overload!

It’s too cute! Too cute!

I had sparkly eyes too!

Glomping is the only appropriate reaction.

What she said.

Now all of Heartseed’s curses so far have had some sort of downside. Like you’ll do something you regret when your emotions are unbridled, or your friends will see your secrets when you swap personalities. But this one? I can’t see much of a downside! I want to be a little kid again! And seeing your friends as little kids sounds like so much fun.

Heartseed #2

I’m not sure what to make of this. It appears that this second Heartseed seems to be working somewhat in opposition to the first one, preventing everyone from turning into little children all at once. I guess it’s Taichi’s role to keep everyone else grounded in the present.

But I assume it’s the first Heartseed who wrote the names on the board. So he must have never intended to turn Taichi into a child. Of course, it’s not entirely clearly how much the different Heartseeds are independent entities at all, so the distinction may be meaningless.

But regardless, this Heartseed’s intention doesn’t seem to be trolling. I doubt that was the first Heartseed’s intention either.

Aoki’s Ex

Es tan corto el amor, y es tan largo el olvido. — Pablo Neruda

So Aoki’s ex-girlfriend looks exactly like Yui. Talk about awkward.

6 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect 11 — Cuteness Overload!

  1. I’ve refilled my “cuteness” meter for the week *dies in sugar*

    Jokes aside, I’m pleasantly surprised at how they managed to packed 4 chapters (out of 9) of the novel into one single episode so nicely this time around. Kudos to the team.

    As for the downside, I guess I should mention that it’s physically visible to others. And the five members are supposed to be on winter break and spending time with their family. Implications… Implications…

    1. Yeah, they did cover a lot of ground in this episode. It flowed together smoothly and didn’t feel like they were skipping anything too.

      That’s a good point. In most anime kids don’t have parents so I didn’t even notice. 🙂

  2. Aw, that little Inaba. How could anyone not give her hugs?

    The whole idea behind this story appears to be going into the pasts of each character. Since it will likely only cover the next two episodes, it doesn’t seem to be as important and intense as the other parts were, but we should still get a few revelations about the history of everyone.

    1. I don’t know if it’s less important or not, but it certainly doesn’t seem to require as much time. Or so the creators believe, at least.

  3. It paid not to drop this series! The last arc was overly angsty for my taste and I was disappointed by the first arc as it seemed that Taichi solved all the girls’ issues with a pat on their head. Now it turns out that these issues are far from resolved, and the first arc has just broken the ice. I can’t wait to see how the next eps will deal w/ the girls’ (and Aoiki’s!) past!

    Little Inaban was super cute indeed. I also loved Yui’s outfit in this episode. Did she dress to be prepared to play mom?

    I’ve been wondering about Heartseed #2 as well. My suspicion is that she’s just a plot device to make clear to Taichi (and everyone else) that he will not be turned into a kid and should play the white knight for the other club members again. But this would have happened anyways, no?

    1. Yep, the concerns over Taichi solving everyone’s problems so easily seems to have been mostly unfounded.

      And yeah, I think Taichi would have played the white knight anyway so I’m not sure why Heartseed #2 had to tell him. That leads me to suspect that Heartseed #2 has some further use than a plot device, since it doesn’t seem necessary to introduce him just for this otherwise.

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