Little Busters — First Impression

I was preparing myself to hate on this show. But you know what? I actually liked the first episode.

The main factor in its favor is that it actually has a decent sense of humor. I laughed more in this episode than I did in the first episode of either Hayate or that pet show, which are both supposedly comedies. Plus, Little Busters appears to have multiple male characters who actually matter, which may be a good sign in a Key series. Hopefully the harem will be divided between them…

With that said, this is still a Key series. It already looks like we’re in for some silly childhood melodrama. And it’s about baseball. I hate baseball.

And then there’s the Key heroines. This girl hasn’t even said a word yet, but I already despise her. Ugh. But still, not bad for a Key show.

17 thoughts on “Little Busters — First Impression

  1. Careful of the second episode. We spend five minutes on Komari and her helium-voiced, 6-year old mind before we go back to the guys. I say she’s a little more tolerable when she shows up again in that episode because they make her interact with characters that actually turn her retarded nature into something “kind of comedic”.

    But yeah, it’s the guys that are carrying this show for me. And that’s not including Riki, because his girly-voiced narration is kind of irritating and doesn’t allow for much subtlety.

    1. I’ve watched the second episode now, and it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected. That girl is still annoying, but Rin is ok.

  2. I’m liking this show so far, but that girl at the end of this episode is starting to get on my nerves a bit. It’s not that I can’t stand moe, but when you put it in such a high concentration like that, it becomes hard to deal with.

  3. Re Komari everything has been said already. Apart from her I liked it as well. So far it seems to be much better than Angel Beats which was a train wreck in my eyes. Also, J.C. Staff has done quite some decent animation recently and this one looks nice, as well. My guess would be that Riki will be the main male character and the other guys are just there for comedic purposes. But I might be wrong. And I like Rin. So I’m looking forward to following this!

      1. But… but… wasn’t Angel Beats that clueless amalgam of Haruhi-ripoff, promotion for the in-series music band and to balance it off ridiculously overdone drama re Yurippe’s past? Okay, there were many worse series but it felt way too unbalanced to me and I didn’t like the animation either.

        1. Well, ok, the band parts were dumb. I thought the drama was less ridiculous than most other Key shows, for whatever that’s worth (not much). I didn’t think it was that similar to Haruhi, pretty much the only thing they had in common is they went to school and had a club of sorts. But it was more like an army than a club. I thought the animation was good… also it had some pretty funny parts, like that scene with the rocket chairs.

  4. I laughed a lot, but I’ve already started to notice some foreshadowing for what’s to come. Komari’s little monologue on happiness just seemed off to me. If happiness breeds happiness, what happens when other emotions enter the picture? What happens when anger breeds anger and hate breeds hate? If I know my romance anime, the happiest looking character is actually the most emotionally distraught.

  5. @draggle can you please do a review for episode 5 becouse of the big drama at this episode you didnt miss much of her becouse this is where all start

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