Manga I’m Reading Part IV

Wow, I’m reading a shitload of manga.

Key: Recommend, Highly Recommend, Highest Recommendation.

Please let me know if I’m missing anything good!


Nejimaki Seirei Senki- Tenkyou no Alderamin: Just like the anime, which is also quite good, a lazy bastard fights in the army with the power of SCIENCE. The manga has less weird lips, and I feel like the shipping is much stronger in the manga too. Plus it has the same main character I love. Laziness is a virtue.


Nijiiro Days: OMG these ships. Probably the best shipping in any manga currently being published. This one also had an anime, which was this time an enormous step down from the manga. The manga is waaaay better. Perfect for anyone who likes shipping.


Prison School: This is terrible and oh so fucking fabulous. So many dirty jokes, but it’s so over the top it ceases to be offensive. This is another one with an anime adaptation, and this time the anime was also fabulous. But the manga is about five times better, by virtue of being five times longer. Hana is best girl.


ReLIFE: Yet another manga with an anime adaptation (this time a middling one). But I adore this manga. It’s about a guy who has gotten fired from his job, and takes drugs to become young again and go to high school and experience youthful passion (or something, it doesn’t really matter). What I like about this is the way the story is told. It’s all in color, with lots of spacing and very few spoken words. Lots of writing in diaries and inner thoughts. The words that are spoken have a great deal of weight to them. The message goes beyond the usual “try hard!”. And, um, yeah, excellent shipping. You may have noticed I have a thing for that.


Rising x Rydeen: Another harem anime. This time the hero has the power of gel (which inevitably leads to some sticky situations). The main thing I like about this one is how it has over the top and stupid fanservice. Plus how all the girls are complete idiots to the point where they’re hilarious.


Seifuku Adventure: A high school president who’s a bit of a prude has a crush on a boy. Another cute one. Unfortunately quite short so far.


Shokugeki no Soma: Cooking porn. Same idea as the anime, it’s really good. Amazing reactions, amazing faces, amazing fanservice. Cooking is an endless wilderness.


Sidonia no Kishi: Best harem manga ever. And damn this is brutal. So moe I died. Anime is likewise amazing. Can’t decide between that adorable one-armed moe and those hot gunpla building skills. Worst ending ever but I think that’s part of the charm, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Spirit Circle: One of my favorite manga ever. This is by Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer guy, and it’s even better than that. It still involves amazing shipping, great art and a general zaniness, but this time with reincarnation. Fuck it’s so good I’m at a loss for words at how to even describe it. If you only read two manga on this list, they should be this and Dead Dead Demon Dededededestruction.


Tales of Demons and Gods: Another narou chuuni story, this time from China. It’s entertaining but it’s slow as fuck, especially lately. It feels more like Tales of Wealth Acquisition lately, he’s just been palling around with rich people and crap. I still like it though.


The Gamer: A Korean narou story, set in a video game world. The twist being that instead of the video came becoming real, the real world becomes a video game. This one’s good, great shipping too (of course) but the main problem with this as well as the other narou stories is that they waste so much time talking about the main character’s badass skills that they don’t have time to actually tell much of a story. This is one of the best narou stories though. It has the critical advantage that it doesn’t make you feel like complete scum after you read it, unlike the Japanese web novels. And I can’t decide who to ship…

7 thoughts on “Manga I’m Reading Part IV

  1. i love your lists, if I may I have a few to recommend:

    Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Tomo-chan wa onnanoko, suki x suki, S Watari-san to M Mura-kun

    as per your taste great shipping and good comedy

    1. Oooh thank you! Already reading Tomo-chan, and a number of other people have recommended Takagi-san. Loving them both, especially takagi-san. I’ve added the other two to my list, they look great! Thank you!

  2. draggle read shiori experience. It’s about a 28-year old teacher who hates her job & then becomes possessed by the ghost of jimi hendrix and from there tries to become a rock star. Seems like a very you manga.

    I’d also suggest sesuji wo pin-to; it’s by the author of molester man & onanie master kurosawa. It’s cute and has some AMAZING ships.

    1. OH MY GOD. This sounds like the greatest manga ever. Will start soon!

      Oh and crap I loved onani master and molester man. Didn’t know he had another one, can’t wait to read it.

      1. personally i recommend ballroom e youkoso rather than sesuji wo pin-to, same topic (ballroom dancing), better art and better ships

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