Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Review — D+


The world is overrun by aliens. An international test pilot team develops a robot to fight.

This show started off with a big bang with some awesome terrifying large scale warfare. Unfortunately, then we somehow ended up with an entire arc devoted to two girls in scanty swimsuits fighting over a boy on a deserted island. No, seriously.

The show picked up a little after that, but never fully got back on its feet. Another girl enters the harem. The team fights off a few alien attacks and betrayals. They fight terrorists. But what’s the point? There is none. The show doesn’t know where it wants to going.

It’s a shame, because the setup has a lot going for it. They’re poised to tackle some interesting issues, including nationalism and racism through a Japanese-American. Unfortunately, their portrayal of racism is completely laughable (basically, it boils down to the kid’s own father calling him “evil Japanese” and similar) and it doesn’t really tackle nationalism so much as blindly support it.


Likewise, the relationship between the lead male and female is interesting at first, since she is mad at him for claiming he is American instead of Japanese and hates him. Then she falls in love with him and becomes dere-dere and annoying. He decides he is Japanese after all (like I said… weird take on nationalism / racism, failure to differentiate between nationality and ancestry) and the conflict is forgotten.

To sum up, the show doesn’t go anywhere with fighting the aliens, it doesn’t go anywhere with the racism / nationalism angle, and it doesn’t go anywhere with the romance. In the end it was quite disappointing, although it did have its good moments.

  • Storytelling – D – No idea where it’s going.
  • Voice – C – Shiny battle and yucky aliens, I guess.
  • Characters – D – Have potential but it’s never used.
  • Attention Grab – C – Except in that swimsuit arc, decent…
  • Production – C – Meh, looked fine.
  • Overall – D+

Recommendations – Gunparade March, Gasaraki, Gigantic Formula

8 thoughts on “Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Review — D+

  1. This show could be (a bit) more acceptable if only they would make good use of Yui and MC-kun’s growing relationship, as they go through more hardships fighting silly aliens.

    But no, they inserts a twin tail chinese girl instead! As a shameless love rival. A type of character that has been used one hundred times already.

    Alien? No. Lets insert terrorists in truck delivery company next.

    An exciting robot battle for the final? No. Inserts glowing robot (for no apparent reason) and the cliche story that love solves everything! It can’t even undo brainwash!

    The makers definitely can’t decide what they want to make.

    Verdict : another wasted potential.

    1. Pretty good summary. Chinese girl was pointless, the terrorists were pointless, the glowing robot was fucking Trans-Am level retarded.

  2. Nothing like modern anime series these days, you ALWAYS have coy, naive characters that simply dont talk to each other, which creates fake suspense. Fan service ruined the whole genre of anime for me, and watching two adults blush when they accidently touch each other is SOOOO old and played out. please no more blushing and water-sweat marks by the head along with that red cross hairs looking thing, its massed produced and has become watered down drivel!!!!

    1. It is annoying when all the suspense comes from people’s inability to communicate. They should come up with some more difficult problems once in a while.

      And yeah, having these adults blush like middle schools when they bump into each other is pretty annoying.

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