Persona 4 Golden Review — F


Oops, forgot to include a tsundere! Better redo the entire thing so Yuu can cheat on Yukiko with her.

Most of the show is just a bunch of kids hanging out and having fun. If I wanted to see this I would, like, go outside and talk to people, or something. Booooring.


Then there’s some tragic tearjerking climax about Mari which might have possibly worked if she had done anything throughout the course of the show other than blush and bitch at people for being nice to her.

Nah, who am I kidding, it still would have sucked.

  • Storytelling – F – Never brought me to care.
  • Voice – C – I guess the way they take things directly from the video game is still kind of unique. Just for some reason in this version they took all the boring parts of the video game they didn’t have time for on the last go.
  • Characters – F – Marie is an awful character. I liked Yu quite a bit the first time, but here they’ve toned him down. Or maybe I just got used to him.
  • Attention Grab – F – Watched the last episode while folding my laundry and could only be bothered to look up twice. Yes, folding laundry is more interesting than this show.
  • Production – B – Well produced. Not that it helps.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – Just watch the original. On second thought, just play the video game. Actually, I take that back, just play Nocturne.

6 thoughts on “Persona 4 Golden Review — F

  1. My first impressions of this show were that this was the Fumoffu to FMP. Sadly, that obviously wasn’t the case after this show decided to shift much too quickly to super serious in the latter half. I would’ve either wanted the straight up comedy or more a true re-telling of the first season with Mari’s character inserted with some thought. I really don’t…get…what her purpose for this franchise was.

    And I’m with you on Yuu. I loved his character in the original, then found him meh in Golden. He came in with more confidence and assurance than before, but I missed his awkwardness.

    1. Yep. I hoped this would be along the lines of Fumoffu as well, yet somehow it ended up being less funny than the original. In part because of what they did with Yuu.

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