Space Bros — First Impression

This is why I watch anime.

This was beautiful. Simply beautiful. Nostalgia and hope confront the harshness of reality. After one episode, I feel like I’ve know these two brothers my entire life. Actually, I feel like these two brothers are me and my little brother.

A Personal Interlude

My brother and I would also run through the woods behind our house like wild things. We’d build forts inside trees, catch spiders (they’d all die because I thought they could eat grass…), eat wild plants, drink straight from springs, and use indian toilet paper and bury our droppings. We’d dig for crystals, “spy” and take pictures of random passerby on the streets, fly kites while riding our bikes and get them tangled in power lines, and all that fun stuff. This show sure is making me nostalgic…

Anyway, we had a childhood much like Mutta and Hibito’s. I didn’t want to be an astronaut, but I, too, had a dream. I wanted to be a scientist. My younger brother wanted to be a pro skateboarder, but let’s not talk about him. We never had much of a rivalry because we were so different.

Adults would often ask me what I wanted to do, and I’d tell them I wanted to be a scientist. They’d always tell me, “Follow your dreams! You can do anything!” and I was young and I believed them. But as I grew older, I realized something. The people I told that I wanted to be a scientist were laughing at me. They were hiding it, but they didn’t think I could be a scientist. It was the same reaction they gave my brother when he told them he wanted to be a pro skateboarder, albeit better masked. “Good luck, kid. You’re gonna need it.”

So I took the hint. I decided I couldn’t be a scientist, and that I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. And until I started college, this is what I told everyone.

But to make a long story short: now I’m a scientist. I’ve published peer-reviewed scientific papers. So screw you, all the adults who laughed at me (which, notably, did not include my parents). When some kid tells me he wants to be a pro skateboarder, I’m going to buy him a skateboard. Just like that astronaut told Mutta and Hibito.

Back on Topic

The show has a great sense of humor too. I laughed out loud many times. That headbutting joke was particularly hilarious.

The cinematography was great as well. I especially liked the scene where the bald guy’s head transformed into the moon.

I’m going to blog this, unless the rest of the season blows me away more than this did, which is highly unlikely. Space Bros is already infinitely better than Space Pirates, so I’m feeling quite pleased with my decision to stop blogging the latter.

7 thoughts on “Space Bros — First Impression

  1. Pro skateboarder and astronaut. I see the similarities.

    I think this is the only anime the male protagonist has cried in the first episode in that I enjoyed.

    I’m looking forward to more of this.

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