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Dog Days Review — D-

Let’s be honest: Dog Days had one of the most downright retarded premises of any anime in recent memory. Shinku, a Parkour master and winning contestant in ninja game shows, is summoned to be a hero in a parallel universe where he fights in a war between cats and dogs. No one gets hurt in the wars, and it is fought like the game shows he’s so skilled at.

Somehow, though, this dumb premise ended up being one of the show’s strong points. In the first episodes at least, the setting made for lots of hilarity. We had humongous explosions, evil chocobos, exploding clothes, transformations into puffballs, and tail wagging galore. It was more of a “this is so dumb it’s funny” but it was funny nonetheless.

But then everything fell to pieces. The creators tried to stuff some conflict about prophecies and demons in, and they tried to make the viewer actually take it seriously. Not going to happen. They forgot that the setting was insurmountably stupid. As a consequence, the show lost its sense of humor.

The other problem is that the creators wasted an unbelievable amount of time. I think that three quarters of the characters’ lines were exchanging pleasantries. Everyone is too polite, dog nab it! (sorry) This is made by Japanese people, sure, but there should be a limit to how polite you can be. Even if the characters don’t do anything, they always have to greet each other and say farewell. The worst part of all was the last two episodes, which were entirely devoted to Shinku saying goodbye to everyone.

The characters aren’t too well developed, since most of their screen time is spent exchanging pleasantries. A majority of them don’t do anything of significance at all (most of the Galette army, everyone from Earth except Becky, the maids, and more). The princess and Shinku’s main love interest pet, Milfie, has the personality of a sponge. I’m a fanboy of Eclair (the green haired girl) if you haven’t noticed yet, but I wouldn’t say she was well-developed, just entertaining. And she has great facial expressions.

Dog Days started out looking promising, but forgot that it was supposed to be funny and tapered off into oblivion.

  • Plot / Script – 6 / 10 – An interesting setting, and funny initial episodes, but then it tries to be serious. Wastes too much time.
  • Characters – 6 / 10 – +10 Eclair, -4 everyone else
  • Production – 7 / 10 – Some sloppy animation.
  • Overall – D-

Recommendations – Isekai Seikishi Monogatari, Zero no Tsukaima

Dog Days 13 — Long Goodbyes

"I'm taking this back now."
"It's not you, it's me."
"Now is my chance!"

These past two episodes felt like a complete waste of time. How long do you need to draw out saying goodbye, Seven Arcs? I think the entire thing could have been done better in five minutes. The past two episodes haven’t been funny at all. Or interesting, or sad (which I assume is what they were going for?) for that matter. It’s just been pure tedium. Not to mention that they just decided to make all the tearful farewells pointless by letting Shinku come back after all after having meticulously fulfilled the requirements of some unknown ritual.

When Shinku comes back to Earth, he meets up with Becky and his rival in the ninja game show. They play with each other. What was the point of keeping his rival’s face hidden for the entire show? I kept expecting her to appear in Galette as their hero. Instead, they did absolutely nothing with her. She was one of many useless characters.

We also get the princess end, although Eclair makes a strong showing as well. Eclair is too good for Shinku anyways. Idiots go well with idiots. Anyways, have some more Eclair pictures. She’s pretty much the only reason I got through this show.

Dog Days 12 — Petting and Learning New Tricks

Not much happened in this episode, it was mostly Shinku going around to spend a few last moments with everyone. I still enjoyed the episode though, since they interspersed all the goodbyes with random stupid crap like petting, teaching tricks and torture scenes. Still, the goodbyes were a chore to sit through. I hope that the final episode isn’t more of this. I’m guessing it won’t be, since we haven’t seen Becky for a while or even met Shinku’s teacher, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

It turns out that Rico’s discovery from the previous episode is that Shinku can’t come back to Biscotti after he returns, and will lose all his memories as well. He decides to keep it a secret. Rico is a wreck, but continues looking for a way to allow Shinku to return. Shinku also discovers that Yuki is a god, but decides against worshiping her.

The jokes in Dog Days just aren’t fresh anymore. This is the second time Shinku walked in on Milhi in the bath, the second time they played catch, the nth time they had petting, the nth time Eclair went “hmph!” All of these things are still amusing, but they’re really starting to get old and need to be balanced with some new jokes as well. Pretty much all of the humor revolves around people acting like dogs. It’s still funny (especially Leo’s petting and the Princess learning tricks in this episode), but they could sure use some other jokes at this point. Recurring jokes are fine, but they can’t be your only jokes.

Anyway, have your weekly Eclair fix. She didn’t show up too much in this episode but we still got a few good faces.

Dog Days 11 — Angry / Blushing Eclair = Win

The end of the demon sword was anti-climatic even by this show’s standards. It separates from the host like it’s going to be the final final boss form, causes an earthquake, and is put down in short order like it was nothing. Generally your latter forms should be stronger than your initial forms. Learn this well, demon swords.

In general, this episode had way too much talking and very little going on. The two minute “date” with Shinku and Eclair was probably the highlight. And it seems like there’s a problem with Shinku going home. All the touchy-feely stuff between Leo-sama and the princess is more or less a waste of time. Even more so for the crappy J-Pop concert and montage. And all the characters need to stop being so polite! I feel like so much time is wasted just with people saying “excuse me, I’m off!” and “hello”. Same thing with Leo’s apology: you don’t have to make half the show about people apologizing and exchanging pleasantries.

Anyway, have some more Eclair. She’s pretty much the only thing I’m still enjoying about this show.

Dog Days 10 — Hop on the Hero Express

SPOILER ALERT: nobody dies. Not that anyone will be surprised by this.

Dog days went from being a fun and ridiculous show to a tearjerker about saving the baby animals. Or something. The creators have basically abandoned everything that made the first episodes so much fun: the pure ridiculousness, sense of humor, and straightforwardness, in order to introduce some cheap drama about changing the future and stopping the demonic sword. Why couldn’t they have been satisfied with just continuing to be funny? So many other comedies do the exact same thing that I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore, but it’s always a disappointment to see an otherwise fun show infected by seriousness. It’s a disease, I say.

I honestly don’t think there was a single time I laughed during this entire episode. I guess that Leo’s ridiculous arrow shot was somewhat amusing? (I’m reaching here.) The Princess’s clothes once again mysteriously went *poof*, but it wasn’t particularly funny… more of an “oh”, this again reaction. It seems that the next episode will be fighting against the final boss, so I’m not expecting much more humor for the remainder of this season either.