The Big Question: Guilty Crown vs. Sword Art Online vs. Who is Imouto

2012 was filled with unforgettable anime of dubious quality, most notably Guilty Crown, Sword Art Online, and Who is Imouto.

It’s hard to say which of the three was better or worse, and I’m not sure such a comparison holds much value. So I’m going to ask a simpler question: which show did you find the most entertaining this year? Which made you so absorbed you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the screen? It could be because of the huge number of severed limbs, the siscon mindfuckery, the thinly concealed sexual innuendo, or any other criteria of your choosing.

If the winner gets at least a hundred votes, I will write a review giving it the high rating it deserves and explaining why it is a quality show, in the vein of my praises of Queen’s Blade: Rebellion.

Which show was the most entertaining?

  • Guilty Crown (45%, 67 Votes)
  • Sword Art Online (45%, 67 Votes)
  • Who is Imouto (11%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 150

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8 thoughts on “The Big Question: Guilty Crown vs. Sword Art Online vs. Who is Imouto

  1. Guilty Crown by a mile. While Sword Art Online was nothing short of a trainwreck, Guilty Crown didn’t even have rails to begin with. From space cancer, magical plot flowers, washed up orphans named Triton, and Shugenics, Guilty Crown outclasses it’s competition in every way. Inori turning into Wolverine was just icing on the cake.

    Kirito Jesus Yamato may be one thing, but Shoe King on a segway was a whole new beast

  2. Queen’s Blade: Rebellion was of more dubious quality than any of these. However, if we go by the amount of episodes I watched before dropping, Guilty Crown wins (at 3/4 of an episode).

  3. Guilty Crown has Inori turning into thundercat, while SAO has Asoona turning into a damsel in distress.
    Guilty Crown has a blonde sees and knows everything guy, and a yandere bitch as villains, while SAO has a mad scientist who has no reason for his actions, and a nyan-nyan dumbass who’s intelligence is even lower than Scooby Doo’s villain.
    I think the answer is very obvious…

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