Tsuritama 03 — Enoshima Don!

EPIC. The power of true friendship!

An Alien Mind

Of course, Yuki is upset that she waited until the night before to tell him. Haru tries to cheer Yuki up on the way to school the next day:

Oh, wow. If it wasn’t already clear that Haru really is an alien, it’s pretty much indisputable now. He’s just repeating exactly what the grandmother told him, but in exactly the worst way possible. Talk about appearing insensitive!

What is Haru? I’m guessing that he’s a fish, based on the fishbowl he initially carried on his head, how he could talk to his sister who was swimming somewhere else when he put his head underwater, and his irrational fear of ducks. Although if that’s true, why he wants Yuki to hunt fish is completely beyond me. So maybe not.


So I guess that this show is like Ano Natsu, except the Men in Black happen to wear turbans and work together with ducks.

I love how he comments on how making a classmate dance is suspicious as he feeds a duck with a spoon.

As for this, I don’t even…

6 thoughts on “Tsuritama 03 — Enoshima Don!

  1. “Why he wants Yuki to hunt fish is completely beyond me.”

    That the only snag in mental characterization of him as a fish too. Everything seems to point to that, yet I can’t understand why a fish would condone fishing. Maybe he’s a fish cannibal?

  2. Lots of fish eat other fish, right? Haru’s species is just higher on the food chain. =P I don’t find it too odd. Why Haru wants Yuki to fish is unclear though, as well as what precisely he hopes Yuki will catch…

    And I don’t think Akira was saying that Haru making Yuki dance was suspicious–it was simply his report on what the alien boy was up to (ie nothing major to worry about at this point). But yes, it’s very unclear why Akira is always accompanied by a duck, or why the (apparently worldwide?) organization he is a part of is called Duck. Perhaps there is more to Tapioca than meets the eye.

    1. True, I guess he’s just a bigger fish.

      Perhaps Tapioca is an alien. It’s like in Asobi ni Iku yo where the dogs and cats were having a war in space, but the ducks had already secretly taken over Earth. Except it’s ducks and fish instead of cats and dogs. Ok, probably not.

  3. Although if that’s true, why he wants Yuki to hunt fish is completely beyond me. So maybe not.

    Same here, I’m not so sure what Haru and Koko’s motives are. There are actually a few good mysteries to this show which I find enjoyable. If you rewatch the 1st sequence in the 1st episode as well as the OP, it appears that Haru and Koko’s ship comes from underwater. I’m starting to think the two are probably somewhat related to the dragon and the goddess (in the legend, the goddess actually marries the dragon).

    As for DUCK– where do I sign up?

    1. They have a ship??? Hm, interesting. I guess “aliens” don’t necessarily have to be from another planet, just another place.

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