Winter 2014 Anime Preview

Standard disclaimer: I have no idea how anything is going to turn out. Here are my thoughts after my extensive research (a.k.a. reading this chart). Click to enlarge the image:

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4

A few highlights:

  • I’m super-psyched about D-Frag. The manga is hilarious. It’s basically absurdist humor. Who knows if the adaptation will be any good though.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo finally got a new season. Maybe this will mean we stop getting extra episodes… I hope. Not a bad show though.
  • The imouto show also has body-swapping. Could be interesting. Probably not.
  • Not one, but TWO Nobunaga shows which sound totally crazy with very little to do with Nobunaga? Have to admit these sound kind of awesome.
  • A princess and the pilot spinoff series. I liked the movie. I love steampunk. Can never have too much steampunk. Definitely looking forward to this.
  • Chuunibyou‘s getting a sequel. I seem to be one of the few who actually liked that.
  • Will pupa finally air, and begin the imouto cannibalism revolution?
  • Nisekoi is getting an anime! I like the manga. Although as with most of these romantic comedies, it starts out strong and one hundred chapters later I dropped it since it had lost any sense of direction whatsoever. But the start is good.

As usual, there are many shows which could easily be the greatest thing of the season or end up being the butt of jokes in Classy watches. Looks like it should be a pretty strong season though.

7 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Anime Preview

    1. No, I wasn’t really impressed with the first episode. Also, I didn’t like Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo so not much enthusiasm from that angle either.

  1. From the preview I thought D-frag would be rather generic. But if it’s absurdist humor, I’ll give it a try!
    Space Dandy is supposed to be an innovative high-quality series, I assume. But I think the concept of a guy travelling through space is nothing new, and I don’t like the old-school/ western character design. Most likely, I fear, it will turn out like a copy of Cowboy Bebop.
    I’m most looking forward to Hoozuki no Reitetsu (art looks awesome), Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha (will be like Gingitsune, I assume), pupa (hope production values will be decent), Mahou Sensou (for the character design) and of course Silver Spoon 2.

    1. Honestly, I think Space Dandy gives off more wacky vibes than Cowboy Bebop did. Which is not necessarily a good thing, but hey, it’s a difference. If it’s yet another made in Watanabe episodic series with serious and comedic episodes, a good OST but no overarching plot I’ll end up being not very engaged. If it can pull a decent plot with those visuals and OST, though, I’m in for the ride.

    2. Yep, D-Frag is definitely not your usual show. I loved the first episode too. 🙂

      I don’t like Space Dandy, but it does feel a lot less serious than Cowboy Bebop so far.

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