Barakamon — First Impressions


A calligrapher goes to an island after he screws up and has fun.

I had fun too. 🙂 This is off to a pretty great start. I never thought calligraphy could be so entertaining. Make sure you watch the part after the ED, that was the best part of the entire episode I think.


The little kid is pretty funny amusing with how she screws with the calligrapher too.


Also that punch was awesome. Can’t wait for more!

2 thoughts on “Barakamon — First Impressions

  1. A few episodes in this turned out to be my favourite this season. It is so relaxing and the relations between the characters are heartwarming. But what I like most is the background music which to me has the same relaxed feel as in K-ON. I hope an OST album will be published.

    1. One of my favorites too. Hm, I haven’t actually paid much attention to the soundtrack. I’ll try to pay more attention to it next time.

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