Call of the Night Review — A-

A boy wanders around town at night.

This is by the Dagashi Kashi author (and features pretty much the same character designs lol). I’ve been reading the manga so I knew this would be good (btw it keeps going from where this left off).

The show did not disappoint. Very well done, beautifully animated, great characters. But what I like best is what it does thematically. It feels at first glance like it will be a goofy light-hearted comedy like Dagashi Kashi (well, ok, it kind of it is) but it also takes a very critical look at romance, love and freedom. I especially liked how they used the main character attempting to fall in love to look at romance with a more critical eye than we pretty much ever see.

  • Storytelling – A – Loved it. I got sick of the classic SHAFT style but here they didn’t overdo it and it worked really well.
  • Voice – A – Feels totally unique.
  • Characters – A – Fascinating characters.
  • Attention Grab – A – Excited for each episode.
  • Production – A – Looks great.
  • Overall – A-

RecommendationsDagashi Kashi, Bakemonogatari

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