A Seasonal Review — Summer 2020

Dropped: Fruits Basket S2, Gibiate, Lapis: Re:LiGHTs, Monster Girl Doctor, Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation S2, No Guns Life S2, Shokugeki no Soma S5

Sports Shows / Kids Shows: Don’t Know, Don’t Care

13. The God of High SchoolF
Why….? I don’t get it.

12. The Misfit of Demon King AcademyF
Truly despicable. This is what I live for.

11. Super HxErosD
Would have been a full letter grade higher if it wasn’t about a childhood friend.

10. Fire Force S2Ongoing
Unraveling the mysteries of pi.

9. Sword Art Online AlicizationC-
Would have been better if Kirito stayed in his coma.

8. Appare-RanmaC-
Goofy and mildly amusing.

7. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang OutC
I liked having a couple who (mostly) didn’t want to just fuck.

6. Fugou Keiji Balance: UnlimitedC
Dumb, I liked it.

5. A Certain Scientific Railgun TB-
Can we replace the main character with the blonde girl?

4. Oregairu ClimaxB-
Didn’t like it as much as the previous seasons but it was still good!

3. Re:ZERO S2Ongoing
I love seeing Subaru suffer.

2. Rent-a-GirlfriendB
My kind of trash! Loved it.

1. Deca-DenceB+
Pretty great!

Not the strongest season, but there were still a few good shows! And less anime due to COVID. What did you all think, anything I missed?

2 thoughts on “A Seasonal Review — Summer 2020

  1. Wut? You dropped shokugeki season 5? How could you when the plot was about a chuuni trying to bang his lost sister??????

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