C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 04 — Unborn Children

I suppose this episode was decent, but I’m still underwhelmed by this show. The characters are just boring. Let’s face it: the teacher from this episode, who will probably never appear again, and even the convenience store manager are more interesting than Kimimaro, Souichiro, and Mashu combined. Souichiro has the potential to become more interesting once they look into his background, I suppose. But Kimimaro is just weak, and Mashu is just there floating around inside her card and complaining.

The part of this episode about the teacher’s children was interesting. Losing your future doesn’t mean losing your life. It sounds like the suicides were actually side effects of losing something else. It’s probably significant that the main character’s father didn’t lose his wife or children. Hopefully we can avoid several episodes of emoness for being unloved by his father.

The battles in this episode were definitely nice though (especially the last one). Well, at least they looked nice. I have no idea what was actually going on since it was all economics gibberish. Since Souichiro invested in Mashu, I’m guessing that means he takes most of their profit now? Souichiro’s group seems pretty decent if they want to minimize the effects of the Financial District in the real world. Let’s hope it isn’t that straightforward and they actually have some secret evil plan. We still have no idea what the Midas money does in the real world.

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