Fall 2014 Anime Preview

As always, I did no research whatsoever. Click to see the full version.

I read some advice about how to write a good season preview, which was all completely wrong, so I had to get this post out as a demonstration. “Step 5: Actually Write the Post” was particularly terrible advice.


Some highlights:

  • Some awesome sequels next season. Psycho Pass, Log Horizon, and Chaika. I’m especially excited for more Chaika!
  • A new Fate / Stay Night?!! Retelling both the TV series and the movie! From Rin’s perspective, too, which should give them plenty of creative license to deviate from the visual novel. I’m still pissed that they haven’t animated Heaven’s Feel, but this is pretty good too. The first TV show sucked so this one pretty much has to be better than the original. Although the Unlimited Blade Works movie was pretty good.
  • Terra Formars was supposed to be good so I checked out the manga. I wasn’t too impressed. Basically a lot of people die after fighting giant cockroach men using insect powers. I can’t figure out what all the hype was about…
  • A new slapstick show by KyoAni, Amagi Brilliant Park. Hopefully it can approach the genius of Nichijou.
  • We also have various mecha and fantasy shows which I’m looking forward to. And a TV series from Studio Ghibli and a new Gundam show from Tomino.

A lot to look forward to next season!

30 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Anime Preview

    1. Nope I did no research! From the preview it looks like it could turn out pretty well. 🙂 Still hard to say at this point though.

    2. That looks suitably crazy-as-fuck. We have many boys who receive magical powers from a mysterious girl, but how many of those receive the power to turn into a magical girl? I hope he gets a sexy transformation sequence too, that’d be hilarious XD. Any clues as to whether this is going down the pervy road or just “wacky meta comedy”?

    3. I am looking forward for that one too.
      When it comes to gender bender, shoujo does it all the time.
      But it’s very rare for a shounen, probably because of ‘self insert’
      The otakus want to bang a twin tails instead of becoming one.

      The last one we have is Kampfer, and it sucked big time.

      1. As a balding male, I’d like to have twin tails… although if I did I would cut them…

        I’ve actually been reading this manga lately, “Clear Up After Rain”, which is about boys who transform into girls when it rains. It’s pretty good.

        1. Add water and have a girl? That sound’s like Ranma to me, LOL

          And if anyone want a manga about a crossdresser heavily ecchi I suggest No Bra. Only 5 volumes of a straight protagonist tempted by his now gay long ago separated childhood friend.

          Magically turning into a twintailed girl? Pff…

  1. About that Ghibli show: the sinopse makes it appear as if Hayao Miyazaki will direct it. That’s wrong. It’s Goro Miyazaki, his son, who will be the director. As far as I know his father have nothing to do with it. Though it is the first Studio Ghibli’s TV show. I will watch it.

    About the other TV shows: I will watch almost everything you marked green. The only exception is Log Horizon which I didn’t watch the first season. And I still haven’t decided about Cross Ange, but I think I will watch it. Other shows I will watch: Terra Formars (well, I like meaningless slaughter), Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (someone convinced me, and I like good music-themed shows), Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, Yowamushi Pedal 2 (I need to see to know who wins that damned interhigh), Gugure! Kokkuri-san (appears to be ludicrously funny), Garo: Honoo no Kokuin and Selector Spread WIXOSS (which I watched the first season and must see if the second can be any worse).

    1. Ah. I’m now slightly less enthused for the Miyazaki movie (his Earthsea movie was pretty bad… although maybe I am just judging it by Ghibli standards).

      Sounds like a great selection! Log Horizon’s pretty good although it wastes a lot of time in the middle, you might want to look at it if you have a chance.

  2. Cross Ange looks ridiculous. I mean, a Sunrise anime where humanity’s problems were all solved with MAGIC and where people can’t use MAGIC are marginalized as a sort of reverse X-Men but they fight DRAGONS with GIANT ROBOTS so they’re pretty cool too? If they boldly go where no Sunrise trainwreck as ever gone before, this could be pretty fun.

    As for Trigger’s new series, those two words – ‘Light Novel’ – hang over it and scare the fuck out of me. But the potential for good is there, so let’s hope this is going to at least go the No Game No Life road – where even if the material wasn’t good, the adaptation made what good was there to find shine and actually turned it into whacky fun.

    Any reasons for your skepticism towards World Trigger? I don’t know anything about it, but the promo art looks kinda cool to me. I like the style.

    1. Cross Ange looks sweet. I really hope it’s a “trainwreck” because the shows people call “trainwrecks” seem to always be the ones I enjoy most.

      Yeah, I was surprised to see Trigger animating a light novel either way. Could be completely awesome and just go nuts, or be a complete failure, either way.

      For World Trigger, the premise just sounds really generic, and the promo art looks dumb. The best picture they could find is a guy smiling with his pet? Lame. And fighting alien monsters pouring out from a gate has been done a million times before, and most of those times the show sucked.

      1. That’s not to say it couldn’t be good (Aquarion Evol had a similar premise with a twist) but I think it’s unlikely.

      2. About Sunrise trainwrecks, I don’t have a rule. I sure as hell loved Code Geass, Valvrave I enjoyed for a while but in the end dropped it because new shinier more interesting things came along and my attention span is only that much. Maybe had I gotten to marathon it like I did with CG instead of following it weekly this would have been different. I guess it needs to push the envelope a bit further: it’s not enough if it’s an ordinary brand of dumb, it needs to be A WHOLE NEW KIND of dumb. It sounds like it’s on the right road, really, so thumbs up to that!

        About Trigger’s new LN adaptation, the common assumption is that after their personal lovechild Kill la Kill they just need to rake in some cash fast and cheap. This doesn’t mean they can’t still put a bit of their brand style on it though – after all, they must defend their image or people will think they’re going down the GAINAX road. I really really REALLY hope it’s good because I think the premise can actually be played for lot of fun. And it’s not like I’ve never enjoyed LN shows – hell, maybe I have enjoyed MORE than I have not. Humanity has Declined, NouCome and No Game No Life especially (wait, is Baccano! technically LN…?). If it’s not some harem-y Gary Stu borefest it’s likely to be at least tolerable. On the other hand, Trigger’s NEXT show has vampires and gore and shit, so I think that one’s going to be satisfying no matter what.

        1. Valvrave was amazing at certain points… the music video episode, the Moses thing, the Supermarket thing, etc., but it certainly wasn’t as consistently fabulous as Code Geass.

          I’m hoping this Trigger one goes along the lines of NouCome. We’ll see though, I’m hopeful. I’m surprised Trigger needs to rake in some cash though, I would have thought Kill la Kill made a lot of money.

  3. They are doing Heaven’s Feel actually Gonna be a series of movies like Kara no Kyoukai, but that hasn’t been completely confirmed.

    Also, though the description makes it sound like that, the story isn’t told from Rin’s perceptive. Faulty ANN translation.

    1. Sweet, hope it gets confirmed soon! I’ve been hearing rumors like this for a while now though…

      Oh ok. I’m kind of disappointed, from Rin’s perspective would probably be more interesting.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, Heavens feel will also get adapted into a movie (or a series of movies!). So it’s not like we won’t get that.

    Honestly, with Fate/Stay Night UBW anime and Prisma Illya (which will also get another season in 2015) look like Type moon’s fans are going to be really happy in the next few years.

      1. Yeah, have you watched the second season? (It becomes better with time, the Prisma illya 2wei is better than the first season and the 3rd manga is even better than the second from what I heard. And in the first place it isn’t a bad manga/anime, especially for FSN fans that understands everything going on in there).

        I don’t see anything wrong with Prisma Illya, It’s actually a pretty good spin-off.

        1. I don’t see anything wrong too. It’s only that besides the characters, it doesn’t seen to have anything in common with other Type-moon works. I almost watched the first season, but then I don’t had enough time. So, as a Type-moon’s fan myself, I was wondering if it’s really any good. Sure it appears to be funny, and who doesn’t like Illya? However, it completely lacks the seriousness and the heavy atmosphere of other Type-moon shows (with exception of Carnival Phantasm, which was a great parody).

          1. It’s true that it’s much less serious than Fate/Stay Night, after all it’s a magical girl series. The fights are quite good and it is quite comical.
            As a person who doesn’t see the appeal in magical girl anime (madoka magicka not included) I think the first season is okay, but the true appeal is the F/SN references. Did you ever want to know how a fight between Saber Alter and Archer would look like? than watch it.

            The second season is much better, it’s funny parts are funnier and it’s on general more serious (The 2nd series has Kuro, which has a relationship with Illya that is similar to the relationship that Archer has with Shirou).

            Also, Bazzet appears (And is the most badass character in fate until Kotomine starts kicking some ass in Heavens feel). And the next season (which will come in 2015) will have kogil (= young Gilgamesh).

            Overall, I recommend the series (especially if you like fate/ ) It’s battles are better than Fate/Zero, but it isn’t as serious.

            All in all, it’s not as dark/mature as other F/, but you should really give it a shot. I am pretty sure that if you watch episode 6 you will watch the entire series, and season 2 is better.

          2. Better fights than Fate/Zero? That is something bold to say! Now I must watch to see if you are telling the true…

  5. i look foward to season 2 of selector wixoss since the first season had lot of character develoment and there was no card game and with how they endded it such cliff hanger i wonder how it will continue

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