Idol Jihen Review — D-

Idols are also dietwomen.

Well, I liked the idea at least. Sadly the execution left much to be desired. I expected them to actually have some sort of take on politics. But no, pretty much the only takeaway is that the government is broken because old people are meanie-poos. And by old people I mean anyone over 20, obviously. Oh, and that rule by fabulousness is vastly superior to rule by an orange man with tiny hands. But that’s obvious even without watching the show. The take on idols wasn’t any better.

It did have some good one-liners. But mostly, nothing at all to care about. Watching this was a pointless waste of time. Just rewatch AKB0048 instead. It will tell you much more about idols, politics, the meaning of life, etc., all while being extremely entertaining and opening you to fabulousness.

  • Storytelling – F – How can idols running a country be so boring?
  • Voice – D – I like the concept. Too bad it went nowhere.
  • Characters – D – I sort of like the manager, who has this wicked sadistic streak. Otherwise, not much to go on here.
  • Attention Grab – F – Barely finished. It was a struggle.
  • Production – C – Looks ok.
  • Overall – D-

RecommendationsAKB0048, Symphogear

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