Spring 2016 Anime Preview

As always, I did a lot of research and considered everything carefully.

But, tragically, my server sucks and I can’t upload big images. I don’t know what’s going. Text-only version this time.

Update: I was able to upload to imgur. See the chart here.

  • Mayoiga sounds promising. Looks depressing.
  • Jojo and Ushio and Tora sequels should be good.
  • I’ve heard Boku no Hero Academia should be good. It isn’t the kind of thing I usually like though so we’ll see.
  • Bless is super excited about Macross Delta and thinks it is the second coming of AKB0048. I am not getting my hopes up quite that much. But it should be good still.
  • I’m looking forward to Joker Game. But I’ll watch anything that’s set between 1900 and WWII. Shame we don’t get to see more set in that period.
  • Kuromukuro is a mecha series! By PA Works of all people. I’m psyched.
  • I’ve heard Sakamoto Desu Ga is a really good manga.
  • Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is a “steampunk survival action” anime. Sounds sweet whatever the fuck that means. Although it does sound suspiciously like Attack on Titan could also qualify… so who knows.
  • Kiznavier is a Sci-fi show by Trigger. Should be good.
  • Big Order is by the author of Mirai Nikki. I’ve read the manga. Anyone who likes yanderes such as myself will love it. I do think the story is much weaker than Mirai Nikki though… much less of a plot and much more random battling.

3 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Anime Preview

  1. I’m slightly wary of Kiznaiver, because Mari Okada. On the other hand, Trigger also does that short, Space Patrol Luluco, with Imaishi behind it, so I’m curious to see that.

  2. Shounen Maid is a really sweet slice-of-life that is mostly non-creepy. I would really recommend it.

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