Summer 2017 Seasonal Preview

Holy shit this season is going to be amazing.

Click for the full version. Disclaimer: I did no research whatsoever.

Further thoughts:

  • TSUREZURE CHILDREN ANIME. OH MY GOD. One of my favorite manga.
  • KOI TO USO ANIME. OH MY GOD. One of my favorite manga.
  • Some great sequels coming up. Owarimonogatari. New Game!!. And four great series continuing from last season.
  • The manga for Kakegurui is pretty good. Same with Aho Girl (and the short format is really well-suited for it).
  • Fate / Apocrypha… could honestly go either way. I did watch Fate / Stay Night. But I’ll be optimistic.
  • I’ve heard good things about Ballroom he Youkoso.
  • The Reflection Wave One, Vatican Kiseki Chousakan, and Isekai Shokudou all sound like things I would like. Of course, they could all easily go either way.
  • Two narou stories… I guess this will help prepare our hearts for the upcoming Shield Hero anime.
  • Too many other shows that sound interesting too. Likely most will suck but a few will turn out good.
  • Why the hell are we getting a new Mahoujin Guru Guru and a Jigoku Shoujo sequel?

This season’s going to be great. It’s been an amazing year or two of anime…

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