Sword Art Online II 04 — Sinon ASSists Kirito in Firing his Gun

This is part 21 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

After stripping for the nurse, Kirito prepared to dive into GGO. He still had doubts, especially about the information from that nasty man who kindly bought him dessert.



Killing people in the real world from a virtual one? I can’t believe that’s possible, Kirito thought. It’s not like that’s ever happened before.

As soon as Kirito entered GGO, he immediately began to be sexually harassed. Kirito was confused. In SAO and ALO not everyone was gay.

Then Kirito looked in a mirror and realized why. He looked like a beautiful woman. But he checked, and fortunately he still had his third sword strapped securely between his legs.


One man offered to buy Kirito’s body, but Kirito refused. Kirito wasn’t a whore. He had made a solemn vow to share his inventory space with Asuna, and he wouldn’t rent out his body to anyone else. Plus, the guy was ugly. He couldn’t bear the weight of Kirito’s sword like Kuradeel had.


Kirito noticed a girl looking at him from behind. It seemed that she was staring at his ass, but he was probably imagining it. He couldn’t blame her either way, if it wasn’t so hard to turn that way he would be staring at his ass too. “Excuse me. Where can I buy a big gun?” asked Kirito.

“In the market. I’ll take you there. If you want, you can test fire it with me. By the way, I’m Sinon. It’s rare to meet another girl gamer.”

“It’s nice to meet you too. Girl power, yo!” Kirito decided it was easier to pretend to be a girl than to bother explaining. She might think he was just trying to hit on her if she realized he was a guy.

They headed to the marketplace together.


“So, are you new to this game?” asked Sinon.

“Yes. I just transferred my account from a fantasy MMO to this.”


“Well, I had a lot of experience in sword fights. I enjoyed them so much, and I was kind of interested in gun fights, so I thought I’d try.”

“You’ll love it,” replied Sinon. “There’s nothing like the joy you feel when you fire your load from your gun.”

“I understand,” said Kirito. “The feeling from swordplay is similar. When I thrust my sword towards Asuna at practice it’s sublime. It’s too bad she isn’t adventurous enough to try guns…”

They arrived at the market. “I recommend this gun,” suggested Sinon.

“Well, it looks nice. But I don’t have enough money.”

“Well, you could sell your body,” suggested Sinon, while a drop of drool eked out of her mouth. “Or you could gamble and try to dodge some bullets to win a ton of money. But I don’t suggest that, it’s impossible.”

“It’s fine,” said Kirito. “I’m a beater.”


“And now I’m a Paier,” Kirito said as he paied to enter the game.


Kirito got ready to run.


Wow, thought Sinon to herself. His ass is almost as great as mine. What a fine stat-point allocation. How I’d love to fire a round in there… 


Kirito beat the game. He was a beater, after all.


“Wow, Kirito, you’re amazing! At the end, in front of it, you dodged lasers fewer than two meters away.”

“Eh, it’s nothing, anyone could do it. I’ve never even played this game before. I just predicted where the bullets would go ahead of time. It’s easy.”

Sinon was filled with desire… Kirito’s agility was remarkable. He must be extremely flexbile. Now she had to get him a weapon. With the right weapon, his fighting skills would be amazing.

“What kind of weapon should I get?”


“Well, it depends. In the end, it comes down to what you like and want to focus on.” Like me and asses, Sinon thought to herself.

“I like giant swords. Is there a gun that’s like a giant sword?” asked Kirito. “It has to be big. Because my sword is big. It’s who I am.”

“Well, they aren’t guns, but there are swords. They aren’t very popular though, since you have to get close to use them.” But… hmm… I’ve been imagining a gun up my ass, but maybe I’ve been on the wrong track. If a bullet feels good, just imagine how Kirito’s massive sword would feel…!


“There are swords in this world, too?! Wow, this is great. I’m going to feel right at home.”


Kirito bought a sword and tested it out.

“Wow, your moves are amazing,” said Sinon. “Such skill.”

“No, it’s nothing special. Wait until you see me wield two swords at once.”

Two swords at once?! An entire new world of possibilities opened in Sinon’s mind.


“You’ve never fired a gun, have you?” asked Sinon. “Let me show you how. You’ll still need a small gun as a distraction while you get close to them with your sword.”


Kirito fired his gun and missed. It wasn’t the same. It didn’t have the same personal feeling as when he did swordplay, up close to his opponent, his sword glistening with his enemy’s bodily fluids. Kirito resolved to stick to what he knew best.


“Oh wait! We have to register in ten minutes!!!” exclaimed Sinon. “We’ll never make it in time, even if we run.”

“Don’t worry girl,” said Kirito. He rented a motorcycle and hopped on. He lifted Sinon up and propped her behind him. “Let’s go!”

This is why Kirito had earned his motorcycle license. So he could give rides to cute girls. Finally all his efforts were paying off.

Hmm… does this count as cheating on Asuna? he wondered. Nah, we’re both girls, so it’s okay.


Sinon was overjoyed. This was her chance. As Kirito drove, she surreptitiously reached down and felt his ass. It was even firmer and finer than she had imagined. Sinon couldn’t wait to exchange gunfire with Kirto at the Barrage of Bullets.

Continued in Part 22

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  1. I lost it at “This was her chance. As Kirito drove, she surreptitiously reached down and felt his ass”. Riding at high speeds Sinon could probably get away with that without Kirito knowing it ever happened

  2. “Wow, thought Sinon to herself. His ass is almost as great as mine. What a fine stat-point allocation. How I’d love to fire a round in there… ”

    Draggle, you outdo yourself each week.

  3. Ahahahaha this is too good. I was worried a bit on last week episode on how you’d treat a serious drama, but it turned out wonderfully.

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