Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- Review — B-

A boy is brought to another world, where the goddess curses him to be very ugly. He makes friends with all the monsters.

There sure have been a lot of isekais lately.

Honestly, this fad is better than the harems where the guy trips and gropes the girls’ breasts, or the never ending fighting shows, or the cute girls joining a club, so I don’t really mind.

I liked this one because it was fairly lighthearted and has the twist that the boy befriends the monsters. I liked how the goddess is malevolent, but instead of trying to kill her and becoming a bitter revenge fantasy, the boy is just like “please leave me alone” and goes off and does his own thing as much as possible. I also liked how the side characters are kind of crazy and obsessed with the strangest things of his culture from Earth.

But for the most part, yeah, we’ve seen this before.

  • Storytelling – B – Knew where it wanted to go.
  • Voice – B – Not the most unique, but some good twists on it.
  • Characters – B – They were fun. Even the main guy wasn’t too bad.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept me watching.
  • Production – B – Looked fine.
  • Overall – B-

RecommendationsKumo Desu ga, KonoSuba, Mushoku Tensei

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