Sword Art Online II 07 — Sinon Promises to Blast a Hole Up Kirito’s Ass

This is part 24 of my SAO summary / fanfiction. You can start with Part 1 here.

Kirito called his girlfriend, Asuna. Now that they were playing different video games, they were in a long-distance relationship. Kirito knew that communication was essential for any relationship, especially when the couple was forced to spend time apart. Kirito hoped that soon his work would finish and he could return to ALO.

“Kirito… I’ve missed you for the past two days. How are you?”



“I was only thinking  I wanted to hear your voice.”

“I wish I could join you in GGO, Kirito. I miss you so much.”


“But if you also converted, Yui would be lonely.”

Kirito sighed. It was difficult sometimes, being a family man. But his hardship was all worth it when he saw his daughter’s face, and they practiced swordplay together with Asuna.

After chatting with Asuna for a bit, Kirito headed downstairs for breakfast. Imouto was waiting for him.

“Kirito… how could you leave ALO without telling me?!”

“Oh, err, sorry, I forgot. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”


“Asuna-san said you’d kick some butt in GGO like usual, but don’t forget, Kirito. You need to kick my butt too. ”


“I don’t want you to go away again. I love you, Onii-sama.”


Yeah, yeah, yeah, thought Kirito. Sinon’s butt is so much better than yours anyway.

“Don’t worry. Once the GGO tournament finishes tonight, I’ll come back home.”


“To ALO… my true home.”

Meanwhile, Sinon and her friend were chatting in the park. About Kirito, of course.

“Sinon, why do you talk so much about Kirito? I’ve never heard you talk so much about a man before.”


“Because he’s a jerk! And a sexual harasser! He hugged me and stuff but he wouldn’t even fire his gun into me!”


“Why would you come to GGO to use a sword anyway? Baka! I hate him!”


“Since he refuses to use his massive sword on girls, only boys, this time, I’m going to blast a hole up his ass!”



“Kirito-kun! I’ll pay you back twice over! I can’t wait!”


“Umm… Is it okay for you to do that?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? That’s how you play the game.”


“But… I don’t want any other man to fire his gun inside you…”


“I need to do this… Just seeing a gun sets me off… You know about my traumatic past. I need to face the guns of many men to overcome my fear. As I am now, just seeing a gun sets me off… Even a small and puny gun like yours.”


“But Sinon’s different!”


“She has that huge gun she uses.”


“I think that’s who you really are. A woman who can take a bullet from any man’s gun, without fear. Or take any man’s sword, even a sword as big and firm as Kirito’s.”


“You’re right. A long time ago, I used to laugh and cry like a normal girl, too. I didn’t have this paralyzing fear of men’s guns. My dream is that I can be like that again one day, to cry like a normal girl when a man’s gun comes inside me…”


“I love you, Sinon!”


“Wait. I think I won’t be able to solve my problems unless I fight. If I can take Kirito’s sword, then yours will be no problem.”


“So would you wait till then?”

“Ok. I’ll wait for you, Sinon. Defeat Kirito’s sword and come back soon.”

Sinon headed to GGO. She ran into Kirito.


“Today, I won’t lose!”


“Although I’d still like to take a blow from your sword… Your ass is mine! Prepare yourself!”


Meanwhile, back in ALO, Klein was borrowing Kirito’s harem. It was the first time in his entire life he’d been popular with the ladies.

Continued in Part 25

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