Combatants Will Be Dispatched Review — C+

Two people from an evil organization go to another planet and cause trouble.

It’s by the KonoSuba author and it had his usual sense of humor. I enjoyed it but it was certainly the worst of the anime adaptations he’s had so far— the characters were just not as memorable as KonoSuba or Kemono Michi. None of the characters were anywhere near as memorable as the KonoSuba characters. And the production was not on the same level either.

Still, it amused me!

  • Storytelling – C – I did find it funny. Not laugh over dead funny like KonoSuba or Kemono Michi but chuckling funny.
  • Voice – B – A little bit different spin on the isekai. Quite similar to the author’s other works though with some crazy guy and a harem of morons.
  • Characters – C – Disappointing compared to his previous works…
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest to the end!
  • Production – C – Nothing memorable.
  • Overall – C+

RecommendationsKonoSuba, Kemono Michi, Milky Holmes

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