My Favorite Anime 2023 Addendum

I last updated my list of favorites in 2014. I always thought it was mostly a futile exercise: how am I supposed to compare things that are so radically different, aside from sharing a common medium? Every time you’d ask me you’d get a different answer.

So instead of updating the list, this time I’m just going to tell you all a bunch of my favorite anime since then. Most of them are in alphabetical order— but I did make an attempt at ranking the top 15. Enjoy! And please share what you think I left out!

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I don’t even know how to explain this. A corrupt cop eats bread and saves the country?? It is wild while having a relaxed tone, and some fascinating characters. I need to rewatch this.

Aho Girl
So stupid and so funny. Just a really well made comedy. Kanojo mo Kanojo by the same author was great too but Aho Girl had the perfect adaptation.

Akiba Maid War
It was when the main character was tied to a chair, being drowned by a rival maid in a tub of tomato juice, when her rival threw a live goat at her, that I truly fell in love with Akiba Maid Wars.

Asobi Asobase
Another great comedy. Anime comedies can often be disasters, but this one was hilarious from start to finish.

Back Arrow
Ok this one may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is admittedly extremely stupid. But I loved it! Probably Code Geass is what first got me into anime, and this is like that, only stupider.

A comedy about cute girls riding motorcycles. So funny. Jesus, take the wheel!!

Call of the Night
People who can’t sleep try to figure out love. Thoughtful and entertaining story, beautiful lonely night atmosphere.

Cheating Craft
This would have been my favorite anime ever when I was in fifth grade. It’s still pretty close.

Giant robot penguin porn? I love this shit.

Do It Yourself
A cute girls doing cute things show that is actually good!! Beautiful style and atmosphere, a fascinating setting, and actually knows how to tell a story.

Adaptation of a Tezuka manga from the late 60’s. This really grew on me as it went on. Hauntingly beautiful.

Gatchaman Crods Insight
The original was good but then this one blew it out of the water. It’s intelligent and political, and on an actually timely topic. Beautiful style too.

Girls Last Tour
Post-apocalyptic cute girls doing cute things. The feels of this show. Beautiful.

Easily the best isekai of the past decade. It’s dark and brutal and ephemeral. Absolutely crushing.

Gundam Build Fighters
How is a show about Gundam model building, which is so transparently trying to shill some merch, so much fun?!! One of the best shipping anime of the past decade. A shame the sequels didn’t live up to the original.

Such a fun show. Unforgettable cast of insane characters. Loved it.

Hisone to Masotan
The SDF deals with dragons and bureaucracy. Adorable show.

Just Because
Probably the best love triangle drama anime since True Tears. And an excellent coming of age story as the characters graduate high school.

Finally a good sports anime.

Kemono Friends
I still can’t entirely explain the appeal of this. But I marathoned it in one day and even changed my twitter name based on it, which remains the same to this day lol. Pretty much the cutest thing ever? And surprisingly deep.

Kill la Kill
This is just a joy to watch. You can tell the animators had so much fun with it.

Killing Bites
Very educational. If you want to learn about animal penises.

Our isekai protagonist gets a harem of abject failures. Such a fun show, with some unforgettable dipshits for characters. That movie was probably one of the best anime movies of the past decade too.

Kuzu no Honkai
I love all anime about scum. And this one was beautiful.

Little Witch Academia
Every moment of this show, you can feel the love. Best episode was the Communist revolution.

Lycoris Recoil
Such a well-made, beautifully produced show, that it made me fall in love with it even though I typically have no interest in action shows like this. Superb characterization. Super gay.

Megalo Box 2 Nomad
The original was good too but this sequel just destroyed me. With this and the recent Glass Onion, I’ve loved the new genre of villains, tech bros.

High school time travel drama! I really liked this, although most of my readers seemed to hate it.

Ranking of Kings
That first season was great, although it disappointed me in the second season. Fairy-tale like story. Love the protagonist, who is definitely not your typical hero.

Rokka no Yuusha
Fun action mystery show. Honestly, it’s not the best show ever made or anything… but I had a lot of fun watching it. Possibly the most rage inducing final 30 seconds ever though.

A perverted show that is actually pretty empowering and unashamed? Plus it was just so much fun seeing the twisted directions the characters go in.

The pinnacle of PA Works cute girls doing cute things while being depressed about the futility of existence.

SSSS.Gridman and SSSS.Dynazenon
I loved how these both took the traditional giant robot show, kept its heart, and also made it into something completely different. Dynazenon iterated on Gridman as well. The character designs in these are the best. Those thighs…

You know, as I was watching this, I thought it was fun but not the greatest thing ever or anything. But now that it’s complete my opinion has changed. It is the greatest thing ever. Also, fuck the moon.

Thunderbolt Fantasy
Techincally not anime, but who cares. It’s more anime than anime. I love these puppets. So much fun.

Tsuki ga Kirei
Another great high school coming of age shipping drama. I didn’t like this quite as much as Just Because, which would be my first recommendation in the genre, but this was still excellent.

Tsurezure Children
Ship ship ship ship!


Vinland Saga
The second season is still airing currently, but that first one was great. I never knew where this show was headed. Wait did he just punch a horse…?

Ya Boy Kongming
And people say all isekai are the same. CHIKA CHIKA BANG BANG

Zombie Land Saga Revenge
The first season was good too, but the second season nearly killed me from laughter.

The Top 15

15. Sabagebu

14. Hibike! Euphonium
Some of the best character drama. And then that movie too…

13. Uchouten Kazoku
Beautiful show. Second season in particular destroyed me.

12. Gamers!
Everything romantic comedies should aspire to. This show is NUTS.

11. Golden Kamuy
I enjoyed the mangaka’s recent ranking of all the characters’ penis sizes. Love the historical accuracy in this show.

10. Princess Principal
Fun, zany characters in a delightful action-packed show.

9. Made in Abyss S1
Worst anime ever.

8. Planet With
One of my favorite mangaka… did not disappoint.

7. Oregairu
It really defined a genre. Peaked in the second season.

6. Odd Taxi
What a tight and well-written story.

5. Knights of Sidonia
The harem anime absolutely no one asked for.

4. Heike Monogatari
We’re all going to die.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Hilarious show. Spectacular adaptation.

2. Prison School
I can’t believe this even got adapted to TV. It ruled.

1. Houseki no Kuni
Easily the anime of the decade for me.

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