A Seasonal Review — Spring 2018

Dropped3D Kanojo, Amanchu! Advance, Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou, Beatless, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu HAPPY KISS!, Butlers ~Chitose Momotose Monogatari~, Cutie Honey Universe, Devils’ Line, Gegege no Kitarou, Gundam Build Divers, Gurazeni, Hakyuu Houshin Engi, Hitori no Shita, Hozuki no Reitetsu 2, IDOLiSH7, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi, Lostorage conflated WIXOSS, Lupin III Part V, Nanatsu no TaizaiNii Admirari no Tenbin, Piano no Mori, Shiyan Pin Jiating, Souten no Ken: Regenesis, To Be Heroine, Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line

Shorts / Kids Shows: Don’t Know, Don’t Care

30. Dorei-ku — F
Who could have guessed an anime about slavery would be trash? But it wasn’t even entertaining trash. Awful show.

29. Mahou Shoujo Ore — F
Can’t believe I watched this.

28. Tokyo Ghoul: re — F
What just happened? Why should I care?

27. Darling in the Franxx — D
… WTF guys, WTF…

26. Grancrest Senki — D
Wow this was bad.

25. Comic Girls — D+
Ero mangaka was good, I skipped the rest.

24. Uma Musume Pretty Derby — D+
Nice thighs, the rest sucked.

23. Caligula — C-
Lol what?

22. Juushinki Pandora — Ongoing
What a disappointment.

21. Mahou Shoujo Site — C-
So stupid it became watchable again.

20. Toji no Miko — C-
It was okay.

19. Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru — C-
I like when they fight and the hot elf girlfriend, otherwise not much going for it.

18. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara — Ongoing
I’m losing interest.

17. Persona 5 The Animation — Ongoing
The game is superior in every way. Still not bad.

16. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These — C
Did not live up to the hype. Code Geass is much more intelligent.

15. High School DxD Hero — C
Losing it’s steam a bit, but had some really good moments still. Episode one was amazing.

14. Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori — C+
Shockingly good show about pretty boys cooking!

13. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii — C+
Narumi’s voice actor totally makes this adaptation.

12. Akkun to Kanojo — Ongoing
Their relationship is awful but somehow it’s cute?

11. Fumikiri Jikan — B-
Surprisingly good short about people waiting at train crossings.

10. Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai — B-
Cute but let me down a bit at the end. Good shipping.

9. SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online — B
Wow I never imagined an SAO anime would actually be good.

8. Last Period — B
So adorable. Love the team rocket type people.

7. Boku no Hero Academia — Ongoing
Damn this is getting good.

6. Steins; Gate 0 — Ongoing
I’m behind but so far it’s really good. Why are all the other anime adaptations by these people so awful?

5. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory — Ongoing
How many decades have I been waiting for this?

4. Megalo Box — A-
I never suspected I would enjoy a boxing anime.

3. Hinamatsuri — A-
I can’t believe this wasn’t the best show of the season.

2. Hisone to Maso-tan — A-
MASO-TAN!!!!! So adorable.

1. Golden Kamuy — Ongoing
I knew this would be amazing and it did not disappoint.

I watched way too many anime this season. A lot of them were really bad. But the 7 were amazing, and the next 11 were not too shabby either.

What did you all think of this season? Anything good I missed?

3 thoughts on “A Seasonal Review — Spring 2018

  1. New Kitarou have some nice spooks if you’re into that, also C Y B E R L U P I N is fairly good (thankfully it’s not directly connected to previous (italian) “part” so you can just go ahead and watch it whenever :p).

  2. Definitely not true about legend of the galactic heroes. It’s just the new adaptation is only the beginning which focuses more on backstories, introductions and battles which isn’t what the series is about.

    1. It’s really hard to get into it when after an entire season, we haven’t even gotten into what the series is really about…

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